Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff book review


I’ve been seeing all the posts they’ve made on their Instagram stories from other readers saying things similar, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. I mean, they were saying similar things with Aurora Rising and I only gave that book a 3 star rating. So I should be good right?


This is the third book this year to make me actually cry. Not just sniffle or tear up, but actually shed tears. Then, when I think I’m in the clear….BAM big reveal. I swear I dropped so many F-bombs reading this lol

I love a good character book. Don’t get me wrong…this has a great plot (damn does it ever), but these characters have worked their way into my heart and now I must protect them all. Which is impossible considering we are talking about Amie and Jay here. Gemina hit me this hard as well, so it must be something about their sequels that just kills me. Also like Gemina, I read this book in one day. Not the brightest idea, but I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Not only do I want to meet the authors, I want to meet the audiobook narrators as well. They did such an amazing job in my opinion.

I could go on and on about this, but I may venture off into spoilers so I will stop here. I do however need someone to vent to. I NEED someone who has read this and felt like I do to talk to about this. I have thoughts and questions and feelings that need out. So if you have read this, and would like to talk more about it, let me know.

Happy reading 💚


Make Your Myth Taker

Hello there! Today I am bringing you my TBR for this exciting readathon. It is brought to you by Ashleigh from A Frolic Through Fiction. It is highly involved so I’ve linked the announcement video.

The main thing is that we have to create a character from one of the four main categories (Royal Court, Sorcerers, Warriors, and Rogues). However, each category has 4 characters. I have gone for the Goddess path with a secondary path of Mercenary.

Meet Severé. She’s always been that sweet, shy girl that loves to help out. Growing up the only daughter of a witch and knight, she always knew she was destined to be someone special someday. However, she didn’t want to follow in either of her parents footsteps. So, one random day at dinner, she declares “I’m going to be a Goddess.” Her brothers (like all siblings) tease her, her father is slightly worried, and her mother is over the moon.

After a nice long talk, they decide she will take the training when she gets a little older. A few years go by, and now Severé is ready to train. Her first task is learning that she is more than these mere humans walking around.

For this I have to read a book featuring a non-human MC. So I have chosen:

Mr. Baz here is a vampire.

The next lesson she will have to learn is to let her magic shine through.

For this I have to read a book with a foiled cover. I have chosen:

Severé can’t seem to get these words out of her head: “It’s clear you were meant to rule. Your divine presence puts you at the top of the hierarchy.” She tells her father one day, and to her surprise he agrees. After all, he always did say she could be Queen someday. Severé thinks about it, but ultimately decides to stay on her path to become a Goddess.

For this I have to read my highest rated book on Goodreads, and that turns out to be Saga book 3. I’m going with Book 2 though since I haven’t read that yet lol

The last lesson for Severé to learn is divine intervention.

For this I had to randomize my TBR. So I did a random number generator and the book it selected was:

She finally did it!! She is now the Goddess she always dreamed she would be. Severé has some great years too. Until she finds out someone is coming after her. She wasn’t supposed to hear that though. So she goes to her brother Lucien. Why does she go to him you ask? Why, he’s a mercenary of course.

Lucien will do whatever it takes to protect his baby sister, but he also knows she needs to learn other ways to protect herself. Especially when she’s alone. He also knows that Severé is more than just that sweet shy girl she portrays. He knows just how to bring out that fighter he knows is in her.

The first lesson he teaches her is that a mercenary is always awaiting their next mission.

For this I need to read an anticipated read. For that I chose:

“The most important lesson I’m going to teach you, Severé, is that a warrior should always have their weapon!”

As you might have guessed, I need to read a book with a weapon on the cover. So I’ve chosen:

The next lesson she learned from her brother is that on journeys through forgotten, she may stumble across pure magic on her mission.

For this I have to read a book featuring a magic battle. I’m going with:

One day at her home, Severé thinks about what her brother told her during one of their final lessons. He said that mercenaries were so common, but now only seem to be legends. She asked him why that was, but he couldn’t give her an answer because he didn’t know himself.

For this I have to read a book inspired by history or legend. I chose:

Will Severé be able to become that mercenary she needs to be in order to protect herself? Or will she just rely on her sorcery to get her through things? Will she even become that Goddess she always dreamed about? Or will it be just that- a dream? We shall find out when June is over 😊

June 2020: the month of three readathons and my blog’s one year birthday 💚

Hello everyone 😊 first things first: my blog turns one on June 9th!! I don’t know what I’m going to do for that though. I need some ideas on what are good posts for blog anniversaries. Any recommendations are welcomed!!

Just like last summer, it’s readathon heavy and I love it!! I’ve finally figured out how to do multiple readathons so I will be less stressed. I’m also low key participating in Queer Lit because it’s only a week long challenge, and I want to spread it out throughout the entire month. I’ve been trying to read more LGBTQIA+ books throughout the year, but I especially want to read a lot during Pride month. I’m also putting the third readathon in a separate post because I have more I want to say about it.

The Readathon Diaries

Yes this is a readathon based on The Vampire Diaries, and I am so in!! Here is one of the announcement videos for this readathon. You can either be Team Witch, Team Werewolf, or Team Vampire. My team is….

Can you guess what book I’m reading for most of these prompts?? Yup it’s Twilight. It fits: Salvatore, Daylight Ring, Damon (using Rosalie as my snarky character), and Sirelines. For Vervain, I’ll be reading Circe by Madeline Miller. The group book may or may not be read. Haven’t decided.

Olympic Games

This readathon is based on the Percy Jackson series. Now I’ve only read the first book, and yes I’ve seen the movies. However, I’m super excited to participate in this readathon. The announcement video for this is here.

I had a funny little thing happen when I checked this out. All I knew was that you have a Patron or godly parent that you are playing for. So I went through and selected Poseidon (because I’ve always felt connected to him for some reason). I gathered all my books for the prompts….only to watch a video of someone’s TBR mentioning a quiz. So I went back and took the quiz and what do you know?

My prompts for Poseidon are:

Set at sea/coast:

MC uses a sword:

Non-human MC:

Finish a book in 3 days:

Not heard much about:

Advanced challenges- Canoeing (blue cover)

Monster fighting (magical creatures):

Pegasus riding (published in the last 5 years):


Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

What are you currently reading

Truthwitch just came in on my Libby app so I want to get to that. Fangirl and Wayward Son are ones that I’ve already started and want to knock out.

What have you recently finished

I have finished the Witch and Wizard Series…yea I gave that series a 3.5 overall after averaging my star rating for all 5 books.

Got back into Kate Daniels. I’m glad I reread the first three because I didn’t remember a section in book 3. Plus I finished the novella before book 4.

Aurora Burning killed me. Oh my. My review for that is coming whenever I can get my thoughts in order.

What do you plan on reading next

I plan on participating in a couple readathons next month. So those posts will have what I plan on reading next.


Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

What are you currently reading

Everything lol I currently have 8 books started (one is from March, 4 from April, and 3 from this month) My reading has been super sporadic. Not really in a slump but not really feeling that motivation to read 🤷🏾‍♀️

What have you recently finished

Audiobooks to pass the work night helps gets things read. I prefer to read and listen at the same time, so I tend to grab audiobooks that I don’t have the physical books for.

What do you plan on reading next

My goal is knock down some of the ones I have currently going. But knowing me I will probably finish out the Witch and Wizard series since I do have the audiobooks out on my Libby app lol

How is May going for you reading wise? Also I’m hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy through this trying time. 💚

Mini reviews 5/17/2020

Hi there everyone! Today I bring you some mini reviews. May has been a slow reading month for me. I want to read, but I have no motivation. I can’t tell you how many books I have started lol some carrying over from last month. For now though, let’s get to the reviews.

First up: Highfire by Eoin Colfer. This is an adult book written by the same author of the Artemis Fowl series. This story is one that you just have to go into. Like literally lol the synopsis gives you a little bit, but this is one that you just have to read to understand. It’s mostly character driven with a plot woven in. It kind of felt like stream of consciousness to me. It wasn’t bad, but also not something I read again. I gave it 3 stars because I liked some of the characters and it made me laugh at times.

Next up: the first two books in the Witch & Wizard series by one of my favorite authors James Patterson. I actually finished back to back while at work lol well all of Witch and Wizard and most of The Gift. I actually really enjoyed these. Which isn’t saying much because it’s a favorite author lol

This series follow siblings Wisteria and Whitford (Wisty and Whit) Allgood as the adjust to the news that they might be a witch and wizard. The way they received that news wasn’t called for, but that is the way of the world they live in. Especially with The One Who is the One around (yes that is his name lol)

I have 3 more books in this series to go. I just want to continue and find out how it all ends, if characters still make me want to punch them (weasel), if I have to face anymore betrayals or sadness, etc. I need to go on!!

I’m not stressing myself over reading this month. Like I said above, I have so many started. I might spend the rest of the month trying to finish at least a couple of those. However, we shall see 🤷🏾‍♀️ happy reading everyone 💚


Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

What are you currently reading

Still continuing with my buddy reads. I’m way behind on Strange, and need to read this weeks section for The Diviners. Also highly tempted to pick up Aurora Burning since my copy came in yesterday.

What have you recently finished

Reading has been a struggle this month, but I finally finished my first book. Luckily for me, I’m 5 books ahead of schedule to reach my goal of 100 read this year. So I’m not really stressing about reading.

What do you plan on reading next

Probably one of these or one of the ones I’ve been reading since last month lol I need to finish them but I’m also wanting to start all the books smh mood reading has hit hard

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine book review

Ruthless and supremely powerful, the Great Library is how a presence in every major city, governing the flow of knowledge to the masses. Alchemy allows the library to deliver the content of the greatest works of history instantly- but the personal ownership of books is expressly forbidden.

Jess Brightwell believes in the value of the Library, but the majority of knowledge comes from illegal books obtained by his family. Jess has been sent to be his family’s spy, but his loyalties are tested in the final months of his training to enter the Library’s service.

When his friend inadvertently commits heresy by creating a device that could change the world, Jess discovers that those who control the Great Library believe knowledge is more valuable than any human life- and soon both heretics and books will burn…

Another solid four star read for me. I enjoyed this. I’m learning that I’m taking a liking to historical fantasy that, in my opinion, doesn’t really have fantasy elements.

I loved the wide mix of characters in this. Jess may technically be the main character, but it read more like an ensemble cast due to the group spending so much time together. Since they were all training for a spot at the Great Library, the characters came from all over the world.

This starts out like Poppy War. At least to me it does. Meaning it starts off with our main character back story and getting into what they set out to do….only for it to take a turn towards the middle and all hell breaks loose. I literally was talking to the book lol asking it questions or just loud exclamations when things are said or done. I still have questions and I need book 2.

Have you read this series? Did you enjoy? Why or why not? Do you have plans to start it? I need to vent my feelings about a certain part lol happy reading everyone 💚

My favorite books from the first four months

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would look back and see what books I absolutely loved these last four months. I also wanted to see which one is my all time favorite of the year so far. Can I narrow it down to one? Let’s see!


So not including my rereads from this month, this was my only 5 star read. It was the first book I read this year. So I started off the year great!


Just like January, I only had one 5 star that wasn’t a reread. I don’t read romance at all, and this was chosen by me to read for my first ever Contemporary-A-Thon. It’s the only book I read for that readathon but I fell in love with everything about it. I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I will definitely be picking up more from Talia Hibbert.


Looking through my spreadsheet, this is the last 5 star I gave that wasn’t a reread. I am being very picky this year. This is book 3 in the Castor Chronicles series and oh boy did this one hurt me good.


Like I mentioned above, I didn’t have any new 5 star reads in April. So I included my 4.5 star reads. This series is stuck in my head, and I find myself thinking about them at random moments.

I thought it would be harder to pick a favorite because I thought I had more 5 stars lol However, this choice is quite easy. My favorite read of 2020 so far is…

I read for the enjoyment factor and feeling like I’m there in the story. This series does that for me, and this book here made me cry multiple times. Why haven’t I picked up the final book? I don’t want the series to end 😫

Do you have a favorite of 2020 so far? One book that has stuck with you these past four months? If so let me know!! Happy reading everyone and happy Mother’s Day!! 💚


Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

What are you currently reading

Finally picked Ink and Bone back up, and I should be finishing it today. I’m also reading Strange the Dreamer and The Diviners as buddy reads with a book club I’m in.

What have you recently finished

Nothing lol I have not finished a book yet in May so I’m hoping to change that with Ink and Bone.

What do you plan on reading next

I can’t wait until my copy of Aurora Burning comes in!! Plus I will (hopefully) finish Unravel Me. Other than that, it looks like mood read Mag is happening.