My favorite books from the first four months

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would look back and see what books I absolutely loved these last four months. I also wanted to see which one is my all time favorite of the year so far. Can I narrow it down to one? Let’s see!


So not including my rereads from this month, this was my only 5 star read. It was the first book I read this year. So I started off the year great!


Just like January, I only had one 5 star that wasn’t a reread. I don’t read romance at all, and this was chosen by me to read for my first ever Contemporary-A-Thon. It’s the only book I read for that readathon but I fell in love with everything about it. I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I will definitely be picking up more from Talia Hibbert.


Looking through my spreadsheet, this is the last 5 star I gave that wasn’t a reread. I am being very picky this year. This is book 3 in the Castor Chronicles series and oh boy did this one hurt me good.


Like I mentioned above, I didn’t have any new 5 star reads in April. So I included my 4.5 star reads. This series is stuck in my head, and I find myself thinking about them at random moments.

I thought it would be harder to pick a favorite because I thought I had more 5 stars lol However, this choice is quite easy. My favorite read of 2020 so far is…

I read for the enjoyment factor and feeling like I’m there in the story. This series does that for me, and this book here made me cry multiple times. Why haven’t I picked up the final book? I don’t want the series to end 😫

Do you have a favorite of 2020 so far? One book that has stuck with you these past four months? If so let me know!! Happy reading everyone and happy Mother’s Day!! 💚


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