Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2020 (and also happy one year of this blog ðŸ’š)

Hey everyone!! Today I’m bringing you the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag. I did it last year and enjoyed it. So I figured I would do it again this year. Also…I’ve officially been a book blogger for a year now! June 9 was my one year anniversary and honestly I’m surprised I’ve stuck with it lol I still have to work on not stressing out when I don’t post on time (or at all for awhile) as well as come up with some sort of schedule for myself. All of this will come with time though so I’m happy 😊 now…onto the tag!!

Best book you’ve read in 2020 so far

Book 2 is out now and I need it!!

Best sequel you’ve read in 2020


New release you haven’t read yet but want to

yes I own book 6. No I haven’t read book 5 yet lol this came out June 2 and I need the conclusion but I also don’t want it to end.

Most anticipated book for the second half of the year

I have two for this answer. There might be more, but these two came to mind first.

Emerald Blaze is the next Hidden Legacy book by Ilona Andrews that releases in August. One of my favorite authors so of course I’m excited!!

The Cousins releases in December. I want to read it to see if I actually do like Karen M. McManus’ work since I thoroughly enjoyed the One of Us is Lying series.

Most disappointing read of 2020

Going with this one only because I hyped it up so good in my head and I only got 100 pages in. I almost had to force myself to read it. Unfortunately it was a DNF

Most surprising read of 2020

The amount of times I heard that this book was bad…omg. I literally thought it would be a DNF and such a let down. However. This book here made me ugly cry soo hard!! I knew it was coming, but it hit with a one two combination and boy did I need some time to myself afterwards. I actually enjoyed this book. Not as much as the first two, but I didn’t feel like it brought down the series at all.

Favorite new author

Marie Lu and Talia Hibbert. I haven’t even read much by either one, yet they both being such strong reactions out of me (mostly tears lol) plus their characters feel so real!! Yes these two will keep me coming back.

Newest fictional crush

Kal ❤️

Newest favorite character

Amma, Ethan, Macon, Link, and Lena. They are all in one series so they count as one 😎 plus I need to finish this series as well

Book that made you cry

Hmmm let’s see:

Yes all of these lol

Book that made you happy

Most beautiful book you bought/received

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I want to finish out more series this year. I want to end the year with a lot finished so I can enter next year able to read more series lol


Unexpected Hiatus

Hello everyone! So I ended up taking an unexpected hiatus from the blog this month. I had no plans to, but with everything happening in the world I needed to take a step back from social media. Especially with me being a black woman, the entire Black Lives Matter movement hit me hard. I would literally get panic attacks every single time a family member or myself left the house. It got so bad that I unintentionally made myself physically sick. Also with COVID-19 still around it’s just been a really stressful month.

Reading wise, nothing to report there. I’ve only read one book this month and that was Wayward Son. I’ve tried multiple times to read, but I kept finding myself on Twitter mostly. That right there played a huge part in why I was so stressed with everything. Taking the app off my phone actually helped. I didn’t fully delete my account, but I made it so I would have to actually log on online. Today was the first day I actually did it and that was only for a readathon next month that will strictly be on Twitter for this round.

Speaking of readathons, I failed all the ones I wanted to participate in this month. I’m thinking of just doing them on my own next month, but I’ve already committed to two so who knows. Hopefully my birthday month brings me back to my reading.

*Side note* this is what I’ve been doing instead of reading:

First picture is where I started at the beginning of the month, and the second picture is where I currently am. Cross stitch and YouTube (mainly Pokémon card videos lol) has helped me this month.

Here’s to July and to much more reading!! Happy reading everyone!! 💚

First Line Fridays 6/12/2020

Hey everyone! I’m back with another First Line Fridays, hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author, or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page.
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first!
  • Finally…..reveal the book.
  • I would have lived in peace. But my enemies brought me war.

    This book is….




    PSA: I’m currently in a sort of reading slump. I want to read, badly, yet when I pick up a book I get a few chapters or pages in and then I’m done. I’m probably currently reading like 6 books lol I’ve only finished one this month. Hopefully my reading picks up soon because I miss it.

    WWW WEDNESDAY 6/3/2020

    Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

    What are you currently reading

    I’m playing Bookopoly with the book club I’m in for this month and next month. My first roll landed on Dystopian, so I chose Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Not that far in so I can’t really give you my thoughts yet.

    This summer we are also reading the entire Middle Earth series starting with The Hobbit so I am about to start that.

    The Last Namsara is next on my Myth Taker TBR so that will be another I pick up shortly.

    What have you recently finished

    Finally finished this book. My first book finished this month.

    What do you plan on reading next

    It’s all up to Bookopoly lol whatever I roll next after I finish Red Rising will be next read along with my readathon TBRs.