Hey everyone! Back again with another WWW Wednesday hosted by Taking on a World Of Words. WWW Wednesday is where you answer the following questions: What are you currently reading? What have you recently finished? What do you plan on reading next? Let’s get into it!

What are you currently reading

Finally picked Ink and Bone back up, and I should be finishing it today. I’m also reading Strange the Dreamer and The Diviners as buddy reads with a book club I’m in.

What have you recently finished

Nothing lol I have not finished a book yet in May so I’m hoping to change that with Ink and Bone.

What do you plan on reading next

I can’t wait until my copy of Aurora Burning comes in!! Plus I will (hopefully) finish Unravel Me. Other than that, it looks like mood read Mag is happening.


9 thoughts on “WWW WEDNESDAY 5/6/2020

  1. I love the Great Library series!! I also completely forgot that Aurora Burning just came out, I’m definitely going to have to get to it soon too. Happy reading!

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  2. Lovely! Great set of books love! I have to say I’ve heard so much of the Aurora Cycle series and of the Shatter Me series! ♥️ hope you have a fantastic time reading!

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  3. I tried reading Strange the Dreamer, but I couldn’t get into it. :/ the writing got in over my head and I felt very confused and wary of the oldentime, English style of writing. That, and the story was kinda slow lol. I’ve read some of ILLUMINAE but I couldn’t get into that either…is Aurora Rising/Burning any different or better?


    1. This is my second time trying to read Strange the Dreamer. I’ve realized with her writing I need to annotate in order to retain things better. I LOVE the Illuminae Files!! The Aurora Cycle is different and they have mentioned it’s not in the same universe at all.


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