Top 5 series I would like to make progress on

Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you about the top 5 series I would like to either finish, get caught up on, or make some good progress on this year. I am a big series reader, so that means I’ve started a whole bunch lol I would like to reign those in and actually make progress on them before starting others. Here are the 5 I would am prioritizing:

I’m almost done with this series! I have two more novels and a couple novellas before I am complete. There is a spin-off series coming this month I believe so I would like to have this done before then (wishful thinking lol)

Yup this is the year I finally read this series. I’m enjoying book 1 so far. I have to tab it and annotate because otherwise I would be lost lol

I had started this last year for a buddy read. However, I ended up leaving that group because I felt it was becoming too stressful for me at an already stressful time. Reading wasn’t fun anymore and I didn’t like that. So I would definitely love to start this over and hopefully continue on with the series.

Thinking of giving this series another chance. I think I let all the negative reviews and things cloud my judgement. So I’ll pick book 2 back up and continue it since I still remember things. I wasn’t too far to forget anyway lol

I own all 4 so why haven’t I read past book 1?!?! I definitely need to reread Eragon because I read it in 2019. Plus I might annotate it since they are all huge books.

Others I would like to get to as well

That’s it from me! Happy reading πŸ’š

21 in 21: The 21 books I want to read in 2021

Hey everyone! I’m here today with a post I meant to do in December lol it’s still early in the year however so it’s fine. I’m bringing you the top 21 books I want in 2021. So let’s see what they are!

Most are fantasy because that’s my preferred genre, but I do have a couple a contemporary and one thriller that I would like to give a shot.

Have you read any of these? Do you think I will enjoy them or not? Have you made a list of the books you would like to get to this year? Let me know! As always, happy reading πŸ’š

Books I need to finish (but probably won’t) by the end of the year

Hey everyone! Yes. You read that correctly lol this will be a list of books I’ve started in 2020 that I would like to finish. Knowing myself, plus working retail at the holiday time, they probably won’t get finished. I’m aiming for at least three to be finished. We shall see. These books are:

These are all the ones I’ve started this year. The last two were started this month so they should be finished. I also really want to finish Strange the Dreamer and either Crystal of Time or The Diviners. I might do a follow up to this post at the end of the month to see what I actually finished. Fingers crossed lol

Happy reading everyone πŸ’š

July 2020 reading plans

Hey everyone! First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Today, on July 1st, I turn 29. I have no idea what I’m doing today (besides maybe a trip to Michaels since I got a gift card from my parents), but I’m hoping to get back into the reading groove.

Speaking of reading, I plan on participating in two month long readathons, as well as my first 48 hr readathon. The first readathon is round 2 of the To Be Continued readathon that I did in February. However, the changed it up this round and there are less prompts which makes it so much easier to manage in my opinion.

I also plan on participating in the Pop Culture Readathon: 90s edition. There are four different themed bingo boards, and you can choose one or more to try and get a bingo from. I couldn’t chose just one to focus on so I’m going to just see if I can get a bingo on them all lol

The 48 hour readathon is from my favorite booktuber Becca at Becca and the books. It’s called Becca’s Bookoplathon, and it’s based on her tbr game Becca’s Bookopoly. It runs July 11-12, and she will have roll drops at certain times so we will know what prompts off her boards (last year and this year) that we can choose from to read. I’m excited for it.

I’m also planning on doing some buddy reads with the book club I’m in (even thought I’m super bad at keeping up with them lol) I know we are still reading the Lord of the Rings series so I can catch up with that since I own them all. Anything else is up in the air.

What are your reading plans for July? Any books you’re hoping to get to? Any releases you’re excited for? Let me know!! Happy reading everyone πŸ’š

Unexpected Hiatus

Hello everyone! So I ended up taking an unexpected hiatus from the blog this month. I had no plans to, but with everything happening in the world I needed to take a step back from social media. Especially with me being a black woman, the entire Black Lives Matter movement hit me hard. I would literally get panic attacks every single time a family member or myself left the house. It got so bad that I unintentionally made myself physically sick. Also with COVID-19 still around it’s just been a really stressful month.

Reading wise, nothing to report there. I’ve only read one book this month and that was Wayward Son. I’ve tried multiple times to read, but I kept finding myself on Twitter mostly. That right there played a huge part in why I was so stressed with everything. Taking the app off my phone actually helped. I didn’t fully delete my account, but I made it so I would have to actually log on online. Today was the first day I actually did it and that was only for a readathon next month that will strictly be on Twitter for this round.

Speaking of readathons, I failed all the ones I wanted to participate in this month. I’m thinking of just doing them on my own next month, but I’ve already committed to two so who knows. Hopefully my birthday month brings me back to my reading.

*Side note* this is what I’ve been doing instead of reading:

First picture is where I started at the beginning of the month, and the second picture is where I currently am. Cross stitch and YouTube (mainly PokΓ©mon card videos lol) has helped me this month.

Here’s to July and to much more reading!! Happy reading everyone!! πŸ’š

My favorite books from the first four months

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would look back and see what books I absolutely loved these last four months. I also wanted to see which one is my all time favorite of the year so far. Can I narrow it down to one? Let’s see!


So not including my rereads from this month, this was my only 5 star read. It was the first book I read this year. So I started off the year great!


Just like January, I only had one 5 star that wasn’t a reread. I don’t read romance at all, and this was chosen by me to read for my first ever Contemporary-A-Thon. It’s the only book I read for that readathon but I fell in love with everything about it. I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I will definitely be picking up more from Talia Hibbert.


Looking through my spreadsheet, this is the last 5 star I gave that wasn’t a reread. I am being very picky this year. This is book 3 in the Castor Chronicles series and oh boy did this one hurt me good.


Like I mentioned above, I didn’t have any new 5 star reads in April. So I included my 4.5 star reads. This series is stuck in my head, and I find myself thinking about them at random moments.

I thought it would be harder to pick a favorite because I thought I had more 5 stars lol However, this choice is quite easy. My favorite read of 2020 so far is…

I read for the enjoyment factor and feeling like I’m there in the story. This series does that for me, and this book here made me cry multiple times. Why haven’t I picked up the final book? I don’t want the series to end 😫

Do you have a favorite of 2020 so far? One book that has stuck with you these past four months? If so let me know!! Happy reading everyone and happy Mother’s Day!! πŸ’š