Disneyathon TBR

Hello there. Back again with another TBR for yet another readathon. Apparently I love readathons smh. Anywho, I have decided to participate in Disneyathon!

You can either take a quiz and see what team you are in, or you can just choose which team bests suits you. I took the quiz and I am on Team Aladdin 💜 my team leader is none of then Izzy from Iz Currently Reading who is also the creator of this whole month long readathon.

  • The official group map

  • Now for my TBR:
  • Jasmine: Read a book the features royalty
  • Aladdin: Read a book that contains romance
  • The Magic Carpet: Read a Fantasy book
  • Jafar: Read a book that will suck you into it’s world, as if in a trance- this book must only be read at night
  • Abu: Read the group book (different for every team)
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