Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop review

Oh, I missed Meg, Simon, Vlad, and everyone else! I think I read the first book, Written in Red, back in March, so it was high time I read the sequel.

I can’t really give a synopsis of this book, but the series deals with Meg, who is a cassandra sangue or blood prophet, who escapes from her handler. She runs into Lakeside, where she meets Simon, who is the leader of Lakeside and also a wolfshifter. There are other shifters as well that live there. These people are called terra indigene, or The Others. Bad summary, but I couldn’t come up with something that wasn’t spoilers 😫

It just felt so good being back in this world. I really need to stop putting off continuing the series I start. I probably won’t be able to pick up book three next month due to the NEWTS readathon (and a few others I’m doing…TBRs to come) but I definitely will pick it up soon.


6 thoughts on “Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop review

    1. I want to immediately jump into book 3, but I’m trying to cut down on my currently reading and finish some before the NEWTS magical readathon next month (where I attempt to read 36 books lol)

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