The Lightning Thief book review

Why yes. I am extremely late to this series. This was a reread for me, however, I read it back in 2019 and never continued on. So I plan to change that this year. And yes, I am also a child of Poseidon.

Disclaimer: I saw the movie first, and had no problem with it. Upon reading this the first time, I realized why so many others complained about it. I found myself going “that didn’t happen in the movie” or something along those lines.

My favorite scene of this whole book was the statue scene. I don’t know what it is about it, but I got happy reading that scene again. I also loved the Lotus Hotel scene. It was creepy but kid-creepy (that probably makes no sense to anyone but me lol) which I loved because I don’t like to be scared unless I knowingly put myself in that situation.

I really am grateful that the illustrations in this portrayed them as children. It really brought home just how young they really are. I mean, my first reaction seeing Percy was “Look how little he is!!”

It’s hard to talk about this book because I know a lot of people have read it. However, there might be a few who, like me, haven’t never read it. So I’m struggling with giving details without saying to much. Especially since this series is so well loved.

Yes I will work on writing better reviews. As I just mentioned, I struggled with this one. Any tips and tricks on writing reviews will be helpful. As always, happy reading 💚


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