The School for Good and Evil: Quests For Glory Review

Oh my 🙊. This book here has me like 😱. That ending has me feeling all type of emotions from shook to frustrated in the best way possible. This series has surprised me in so many good ways.

This is book 4 in The School for Good and Evil series by Soman Chainani. The first trilogy is called the The School Years, and the next trilogy (even though book 6 is not out yet) are called The Camelot Years. This series follows our two main characters Sophie and Agatha, two girls from a town called Galvadon. Every 4 years, a being called The School Master comes through and takes two children, age 14, back to his school with one going to The School of Good and one to The School of Evil. The girls are 14 at the start of the series, and Sophie wants to be taken while Agatha could care less. That first book was a very pleasant surprise with an ending I definitely did not see coming, and I had to keep going with the series.

It is really hard to explain the synopsis of this book since it is book 4 in the series, but oh boy. This is a 500+ page book, and it needed all of those pages in my opinion. The action, the romance elements, the characters, the suspense, just everything unfolds so well. Especially the plot twists. Soman Chainani just has me hooked with his writing, and he will definitely be an auto buy author for me. I mean, cmon, the man thinks like I do (meaning we like villians and wonder what would happen if they won. He actually said in an author’s note in a special edition of the first book that he was actually rooting for Voldemort).

This is probably not the most coherent review, but I just finished the book like an hour or two ago and needed to get my feelings out. Oh, in case you were wondering, I rated this 5 stars. Just like the other 3 so I have really high hopes for book 5 that just released in March and any other books in series.