Jacques and Blue have stolen my heart and refuse to give it back

BE WARNED!! There may be slight spoilers for the book and movie down below. What I may not think is a spoiler may be one for someone else, so here is my warning just in case!

As you may or may not know, I read Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda last month. It was just what I needed at the point and time to lift my spirits and make me smile uncontrollably while reading. I told myself afterwards that I was definitely going to watch the movie, Love, Simon, some time in the near future.

Well that time arrived last night. Of course I found myself pointing out differences between book and movie. The biggest difference for me though: how many times I cried. Omg I swear I shed tears like 5 times. I just wanted to grab Simon and hold him and shelter him while simultaneously fighting Martin. He was way worse, in my opinion, in the movie than the book. I swear this movie was out to grab every last tear I owned!! Especially the scene(s) with his family 😢 THIS MOVIE WAS SO DAMN GOOD!!

I actually liked Leah so much better in the movie than in the book. I don’t know why, but she was just more believable that way to me. Nick is my third favorite character (behind Simon and Bram of course). He is just so lovable!! Abby and the theater teacher are literally my thoughts in human form lol they say and do things I only imagine myself saying in my head. Ethan surprised me and I’m here for it! Of course I couldn’t forget Bram 💚 I loved him in the book, but the movie just made me fall even more in love with him. My little Oreo loving President.

I really loved the email parts, and how Simon imagined each person he thought was Blue. Even though I knew who Blue was, I found myself so invested in the journey that the reveal still had me like 😁😍😁😍😁😍

The book and movie are both 5 stars, and I will definitely be reading and watching them again 💚