I have started a bullet journal 📓

Hello there! Today I thought I would talk about and show my new bullet journal. I have always wanted to have one, but never knew how to get started or what to do with it. After watching some bookish bullet journal videos on YouTube, I kind of figured out some sort of idea on how to structure mine. Of course, things may change month to month but hey that’s fine by me. So without further ado, let’s get started!

I decided on using the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal in Berry. I haven’t put my name in it yet, but I did write the month and year in it so I know when I started it.

I really like the table of contents pages plus I like the fact the pages are numbered. I also like the dual ribbons. I keep one on my table of contents and the other is on my current page.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a cover page, so I just went with my blog name in my favorite color and some reading stickers.

I am a proud Slytherin so I had to showcase that lol I also am tracking TV shows, movies, and book series.

This is a year long reading challenge that I am participating in. I didn’t write in the prompts. Once I read a book that fits the prompt, I fill in it. It’s 52 in all and I currently stand at 21/52.

The next page is blog related, but I kind of wanted to keep it to myself so that’s why I’m not showing it. This page, however, is all the books I need to read and review. They are either from Netgalley, BookSirens, or the author themselves. I’m not a big blogger yet so I can’t request popular titles. So I go for ones that interest me and hopefully in turn I can bring that author new readers with my review.

My September title page. I’m still thinking of adding stickers or something but maybe not. The Potions classroom stickers come from the Potions Master planner kit from AMelancholyMoose on Etsy. (The reading stickers and Snape sticker shown earlier also came from this kit.) Plus it’s back to school time for Hogwarts students so I went with a green theme for Mr. Potter’s eyes…and also because I’m a Slytherin lol

The next page was just my calendar for September. This here however is my TBR page for the month. I have the Tiny Decisions app, so what I did was make wheels for each category you see here, and then spin them to see which book I have to read for this month. My reread and TBR Jar picks aren’t apart of that. Of course I chose Splintered as my reread because I want to annotate the series this go around.

My Book Haul page (which will have its first two books added today when they arrive) and my Bookopoly Rolls page for the book club I just recently joined (We Be Book’n) I will hopefully update more on Bookopoly towards the end of the month as part of my wrap up.

Readathon #1 that I’m taking part in is Hogwarts House Battles. I failed at the Newts (and all other readathons last month), so I’m doing things different this time around. I’m just going to read and then decide after the fact what prompt the book fits for. So much less stress on myself. Same goes for the next readathon I’m about to show.

This is all I have so far in my bullet journal. I was going to do a New Releases page, but I haven’t read many of the series that have sequels or later books in the series coming out so I figured I would save that page until next year.

Do any of you have a reading journal or bullet journal? Any tips you can spare for a newbie? Especially when it comes to supplies. Hope you all have a great day!! 💚