Kate Daniels series wrap up

Hey there everyone! Today I’m bringing you a review/wrap up of the entire Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. I’m not going to be giving synopses of these because I want to eliminate as many spoilers as possible. So what I am going to do is put the cover, book number, and my rating. Here we go!

Book 0.5: A Questionable Client 3 stars

Book 1: Magic Bites 3 stars

Book 2: Magic Burns 3 stars

Book 3: Magic Strikes 5 stars

Book 3.5: Magic Mourns 3 stars

Book 4: Magic Bleeds 5 stars

Book 4.5: Magic Dreams 4 stars

Book 5: Magic Slays 4 stars

Book 5.3: Magic Tests 3 stars

Book 5.4: Magic Gifts 3 stars

Book 5.5: Gunmetal Magic 3.5 stars

Book 6: Magic Rises 4 stars

Book 6.5: Magic Steals 3 stars

Book 7: Magic Breaks 5 stars

Book 8: Magic Shifts 5 stars

Book 8.5: Magic Stars 3.5 stars

Book 9: Magic Binds 5 stars

Book 9.5: Iron and Magic 3 stars (also is the first in the Iron Covenant series)

Book 10: Magic Triumphs 4 stars

As you can see, the novellas were mostly three stars mostly because of the length. It took book 3 of the main series for me to get invested, however I’m very glad I stuck it out. Now I need to get Blood Heir ASAP.

Have you read this series? Have you read from this author? What did you think? Let’s talk about it! As always, happy reading 💚