Leather and Lace review

*Arc review copy received from Book Sirens for honest review*

Falling in love with a vampire bites—and sometimes loving a human bites back.

Dorian Villeneuve is an unlucky vampire from the slums of Devil’s Row. He makes ends meet for himself and his emotional support Chihuahua by working sleazy bars and nightclubs, doing what it takes to get by. Cash Leroy is a monster hunter from East Texas with a golden voice and an unrivaled devotion to Stevie Nicks. Hunting does not leave time for friends, let alone love.

When their paths cross during a bloody run-in with the vampire mob, Cash upends Dorian’s life—and takes Dorian under his wing to teach how to hunt monsters.

The unlikely pair become partners, and soon, best friends. However, their deepening bond grows complicated when Dorian falls in love with Cash. Their friendship is too important to throw away over an interspecies attraction, especially in a career that is already nasty, brutish, and short.

And things become even more complicated when Cash finds himself returning the vampire’s affections.

When an unusually deadly case lands in the hunters’ laps, their ill-fated affair takes a backseat. A pair of man-eating weredeer are on the loose taking victims’ hearts. With the pressure on to end the killing spree, Dorian and Cash must set aside their feelings and hunt down the blood-thirsty deer.

Can Dorian and Cash’s friendship survive this monstrous romance, or will they lose their hearts in the process?

Originally seen in the Eisner-nominated TWISTED ROMANCE anthology from IMAGE COMICS, this is the full-length adaptation of the critically acclaimed short story.

*Synopsis is from Storygraph*

Everyone has something that they are trash for. Whether it is a trope, genre, character type, etc. Mine just happens to be vampires 🤷🏽‍♀️ So that is what drew my attention to this in the first place. I just knew I was going to fall in love with Dorian and I was correct. However, Cash definitely won me over as well. You all know that I’m a character person. These two here had me smiling as well as hurting and damn near crying lol plus there were other characters who either made me happy or pissed me off.

I feel like this book was equal parts character based and plot based. I really enjoyed how the chapters bounced back and forth between timelines. It was a little jarring at first because there is no lead up to it. Like we could be reading a chapter set in the present, and then jump into the past next chapter. I was like “wait what” especially when something happened in the previous chapter between my boos where they are upset with each other and now they are suddenly happy. I am glad for the past chapters however because they showed the progression of Cash and Dorian. Plus they gave more info into why they are the way they are. We also got chapters from the antagonists as well which I appreciated because I also love villains lmao plus I loved the contrast between them. Trigger warning for gore and violence because the book opens up with a murder.

I have to give some love to Dominique. She is Dorian’s emotional support Chihuahua. I just love her and she is definitely an extension of him lol

I truly enjoyed this story (even though I’m late getting this up lol). I am curious if I will like more from this author, or if they (Magen identifies as she/they) will be just a one story read. I liked their writing style so I’m excited to try something new if I can find it.

Thank you again to Magen Cubed and BookSirens for this review copy. 💚


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