January 2021 wrap up

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you the first monthly wrap up of 2021! In January, I read 9 books: 8 new reads and 2 rereads. I also finished two series: Kate Daniels and We Set the Dark on Fire. In total, that amounted to 2,701 pages, 2 5 stars (one was the reread), 1 4.5 star, 3 4 stars, 2 3.5 stars, and 1 3 star. So let’s see what I read.

The Lightning Thief (reread) 5 stars

Magic Binds 5 stars

Magic Stars 3.5 stars

The Princess Trap 4.5 stars (favorite of the month)

Take a Hint, Dani Brown 4 stars

Iron and Magic 3 stars

Magic Triumphs 4 stars

Hounded (reread) 4 stars

We Unleash the Merciless Storm 3.5 stars


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