Top 5 series I would like to make progress on

Hello everyone. Today I am going to tell you about the top 5 series I would like to either finish, get caught up on, or make some good progress on this year. I am a big series reader, so that means I’ve started a whole bunch lol I would like to reign those in and actually make progress on them before starting others. Here are the 5 I would am prioritizing:

I’m almost done with this series! I have two more novels and a couple novellas before I am complete. There is a spin-off series coming this month I believe so I would like to have this done before then (wishful thinking lol)

Yup this is the year I finally read this series. I’m enjoying book 1 so far. I have to tab it and annotate because otherwise I would be lost lol

I had started this last year for a buddy read. However, I ended up leaving that group because I felt it was becoming too stressful for me at an already stressful time. Reading wasn’t fun anymore and I didn’t like that. So I would definitely love to start this over and hopefully continue on with the series.

Thinking of giving this series another chance. I think I let all the negative reviews and things cloud my judgement. So I’ll pick book 2 back up and continue it since I still remember things. I wasn’t too far to forget anyway lol

I own all 4 so why haven’t I read past book 1?!?! I definitely need to reread Eragon because I read it in 2019. Plus I might annotate it since they are all huge books.

Others I would like to get to as well

That’s it from me! Happy reading 💚


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