Best and Worst Book Series of 2020 book tag

Hey everyone! Work has definitely been keeping me busy (retail and holidays omg) so I haven’t been reading as much or posting as much as I wanted to. I wanted to do some kind of post today since I’m off, and I came across this tag on YouTube. Since I mostly read series, I thought this was fitting. Let’s get into these questions!

1) what is the best series that you caught up with this year that is still a work in progress?

That would be the Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. This is my favorite series of theirs! I think there will be a bit of a wait for book 6 because they are releasing a spin off series to Kate Daniels. I believe the first book comes out next year, and then Ruby Fever comes out 2022 (I could be wrong however I believe that’s what I read)

2) what is the best work in progress series that you are still catching up with?

I have to go with the series that brought me my first favorite author, and that’s Alex Cross by James Patterson. I swear I will be reading books by this man even when I’m old and gray lol this series alone has to be 20+ books and counting. I’m nowhere near caught up smh

3) what was your favorite first book in a series this year?

Hands down Get A Life, Chloe Brown. That book is special to me.

4) what is a first book in a series you read this year that you think should have just been a standalone, not a series?

Going with One of Us is Lying. I feel like it would have been fine on its own. However, then I wouldn’t have gotten Two Can Keep A Secret, which is my second favorite book of the year.

5) what is your most over-hyped series of the year?

I don’t have an answer for this because most of the series I’ve read this year have been backlist series.

6) what is a series that you DNFed this year?

Of Fire and Stars, The Crown’s Game, and Shatter Me are ones I actually made it past the first book.

7) what was your favorite series finale of the year?

The Midnight Star by Marie Lu.

8) what was the biggest cliffhanger you had in a series this year?

The ending to Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl HURT!!! It did not have to end like that.

9) what is your favorite spinoff series you read this year?

I don’t think I’ve read one. Unless you count books 4&5 in Hidden Legacy since we follow a different character then the first trilogy.

10) what is your most anticipated next book in a series that you read this year that will come out next year?

Any Way the Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell. My babies Simon and Baz and Penelope 💚 It comes out in my birthday month too!!

11) what is your most anticipated series to catch up with next year based on what you read in that series this year?

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas comes out next year. It’s a continuation of the ACOTAR series, and it follows Nesta and Cassian. I can not wait for this because I love Cassian, and Nesta intrigues more than her sisters 🤷🏾‍♀️

12) what is your favorite series that you finished this year?

The Castor Chronicles (or Beautiful Creatures series) by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The emotions that series put me through, plus the audiobooks were so immersive with the sound effects and the narrator was soooo good. Still not over how the final book made me happy just to rip my heart out.

13) what is your favorite episodic series of the year?

I honestly do not know. That’s a good question.

14) what is a series that you finally bailed on after holding onto it for a long time?

I’m glad to say I don’t have one. If I’m not feeling a series or book, I DNF it with no problem. I try to make it halfway to give it a fair try.

15) what is the series you were most surprised that you liked this year?

I would count The Kiss of Deception as an answer for this. It from a DNF to a 4 star read. I need book 2, but I want it physically lol

16) what is the series that you meant to catch up with or finish this year that you didn’t?

The Schools for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani. Partly because I was waiting on the final book’s release this summer, and partly because I don’t want it to end 😫 I’m only on book 5 still and only like chapter 4 lol I am definitely dragging my feet

17) what is a series you finished this year that you think is greater than the sum of its parts?

The Another series by siblings Daniel and Dina Nayeri. Book 2 is by far the best of the trilogy to me, but I feel like that series was missing something. Idk what though.

Well that is all the questions. If you would like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged! I hope you all enjoyed my answers. As always, happy reading everyone 💚


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