December 2020 TBR

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you my December TBR, and once again I did Bookopoly. November was a tough reading month only because of work. I work retail, and retail during the holidays is rough lol I only read 3 books, and two of those were carry overs from October 🤷🏾‍♀️ So what’s on the schedule for December? Let’s find out!

Roll 1: Foiled cover

Reading the next story in the Narnia series, The Horse and His Boy.

Roll 2: POC rep

My girl Shuri ❤️ reading one of my newest additions to my TBR

Roll 3: Becca Rec

I’ve been trying to read this book for months lol I know Becca loves this book, and I want to actually finish this!!

Roll 4: Fire on the cover

I went for fire colors instead of literal fire. There is a Daughter of Smoke and Bone read along happening, and Days of Blood and Starlight is December’s read.

Roll 5: Friend Pick

once again I asked my baby brother to choose. Once again he went for a beast of a book. This is almost 700 pages! Luckily for me this is a reread for me 😊 I love these three books and will gladly reread it.

Roll 6: Lowest Rated

This was a DNF last year. However, it’s getting a second chance because I love the Splintered series by this author.

Roll 7: TBR vet

I’ve been participating in Tolkien along since September and we’ve now come to the final book. I gave The Hobbit 3 stars, but the actual Lord of the Rings trilogy has been all 5 stars so far. I am so eager to start this!!

Roll 8: LGBTQ+ rep

This was released in February, yet I’m just now getting to it in December lol classic me. I can’t wait to read the conclusion to this duology and find out more about Dani and Carmen.

Roll 9: Standalone

Took me way too long to find a book for this since I mostly read series. I actually forgot I owned it lol I still need to read The Song of Achilles as well.

Roll 10: Set in the past

Are we surprised? Lol I will keep putting this on TBRs until I actually read it.

So this is my TBR for the last month of 2020! Have you read any of these? Did you like them? Did you not? Let me know! Happy holidays and happy reading 💚


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