November TBR

Hello everyone!! Back in September, I participated in Becca’s Bookoplathon and enjoyed myself so much. In fact, I decided for October to play for myself and see how I got on with it. Glad that was just a trial run because I kept changing things all month lol finally got it how I want it (I think) and now November is going to be my first full month actually using it. So what did I roll? Let’s find out!

Roll 1: Sequel

Finally going to make myself finish this series lol I don’t want it to end but I need to find out how it ends

Roll 2: Set in the Past

It’s the last physical Shadowhunter book I own and it fits perfectly with the prompt 😊

Roll 3: Highest Rated

Technically this should be Saga Book 3. However, I haven’t read Saga Book 2 and that’s my second highest rated so I’m going with that one. Might end up reading Book 3 this month as well

Roll 4: Foiled Cover

Going with one of my newest additions to my shelf 😊Book haul is coming!

Roll 5: Middle Grade

The finale to the series! I will finally know what happens and I’m expecting big twists and emotions. Plus these last two books are huge so there should be a lot happening.

Roll 6: Chance

For this, I have a tiny decision wheel with all my unread books on it. So I spun that and it gave me The Last Namsara.

Roll 7: Water on Cover

Finally going to pick this up after owning this for like 2 years lol

Roll 8: Friend Pick

This is what happens when you let you brother choose a book for you lol

Roll 9: GO

The GO space is to randomize your TBR. So once again I used the tiny decision wheel and it chose The Last Magician

Roll 10: Dark Cover

For my final roll (yay no doubles!!) I landed on Dark Cover which seems to be a lot of my books lol so I just randomly chose one 😊

So this is my TBR for November ❤️ what are you all reading next month? Have you read any of these? Did you like them? Did you not like them? Let me know!! As always, happy reading everyone 💚


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