July 2020 reading plans

Hey everyone! First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Today, on July 1st, I turn 29. I have no idea what I’m doing today (besides maybe a trip to Michaels since I got a gift card from my parents), but I’m hoping to get back into the reading groove.

Speaking of reading, I plan on participating in two month long readathons, as well as my first 48 hr readathon. The first readathon is round 2 of the To Be Continued readathon that I did in February. However, the changed it up this round and there are less prompts which makes it so much easier to manage in my opinion.

I also plan on participating in the Pop Culture Readathon: 90s edition. There are four different themed bingo boards, and you can choose one or more to try and get a bingo from. I couldn’t chose just one to focus on so I’m going to just see if I can get a bingo on them all lol

The 48 hour readathon is from my favorite booktuber Becca at Becca and the books. It’s called Becca’s Bookoplathon, and it’s based on her tbr game Becca’s Bookopoly. It runs July 11-12, and she will have roll drops at certain times so we will know what prompts off her boards (last year and this year) that we can choose from to read. I’m excited for it.

I’m also planning on doing some buddy reads with the book club I’m in (even thought I’m super bad at keeping up with them lol) I know we are still reading the Lord of the Rings series so I can catch up with that since I own them all. Anything else is up in the air.

What are your reading plans for July? Any books you’re hoping to get to? Any releases you’re excited for? Let me know!! Happy reading everyone 💚


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