Unexpected Hiatus

Hello everyone! So I ended up taking an unexpected hiatus from the blog this month. I had no plans to, but with everything happening in the world I needed to take a step back from social media. Especially with me being a black woman, the entire Black Lives Matter movement hit me hard. I would literally get panic attacks every single time a family member or myself left the house. It got so bad that I unintentionally made myself physically sick. Also with COVID-19 still around it’s just been a really stressful month.

Reading wise, nothing to report there. I’ve only read one book this month and that was Wayward Son. I’ve tried multiple times to read, but I kept finding myself on Twitter mostly. That right there played a huge part in why I was so stressed with everything. Taking the app off my phone actually helped. I didn’t fully delete my account, but I made it so I would have to actually log on online. Today was the first day I actually did it and that was only for a readathon next month that will strictly be on Twitter for this round.

Speaking of readathons, I failed all the ones I wanted to participate in this month. I’m thinking of just doing them on my own next month, but I’ve already committed to two so who knows. Hopefully my birthday month brings me back to my reading.

*Side note* this is what I’ve been doing instead of reading:

First picture is where I started at the beginning of the month, and the second picture is where I currently am. Cross stitch and YouTube (mainly Pokémon card videos lol) has helped me this month.

Here’s to July and to much more reading!! Happy reading everyone!! 💚


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