A Court of Wings and Ruin book review

This thick book here gave me conflicting feelings. It’s broken into 3 parts. Part one I absolutely loved! Feyre in this part is the Feyre I love to see. I was invested and smiling and everything at things she would do or say. Especially to certain characters.

Part two, the longest part of this 699 page book, where was my conflicting thoughts come in. It had some highs and lows and felt like it was longer than it needed to be. I felt like some chapters didn’t need to be there because it didn’t really add much except to add more feelings for the characters. They didn’t add much plot wise. I know I’m a big character person and not plot person, but this is one series where both needs to done equally. I did love some of the character building parts we got in this section. Mainly why I pushed through and kept going because they would either say or do something that had me curious on how it would play out. Of course as this is the third book in a series, I’m not going to give major details or spoilers.

Part three started just like part one. I absolutely was invested and here for it. All the action and twists and just yessss! However, I did have two issues with it. One of an authors choice of how a side character was handled. It was nothing bad…I just wished something different was done with that character so just a me thing. The second was the rest after all was said and done. I felt like it carried on for longer than needed to after things were handled.

Overall, I gave this book a 4. ACOMAF is definitely my favorite is the series. Now on to reading ACOFAS and then who knows when the next one is coming out lol at least I will be caught up.


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