Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl book review

Before we begin, I just have one question: WHY DO I KEEP READING BOOKS THAT HURT ME?!?!

Beautiful Darkness hurt in a relationship way, Allegiant broke my heart and made me ugly cry, The Rose Society was dark and scary hurt, and this book here…oh man. My eyes were burning when I finished this. I went from crying to laughing back to crying to anger to crying lol

Chaos is definitely what was going on in this story. I swear my heart was in my throat for most of this. Plus reading along with the audiobook is soooo good. It is so immersive and just brings the story to life. The narrator is AMAZING in my opinion. His voices for the characters is just great. Plus when a big scene is happening (say it’s a storm or fire happening while the scene is going on) you actually hear that in the audiobook.

I need to pick up book 4 (the finale) like ASAP but I also don’t want the series to end 😫 I do own the two spinoffs as well so I will officially be done with the series in June (since I’m reading them once a month) This series is going to be right up there with Splintered, The School for Good and Evil, and the Alex Cross series as my top favorite series.

This review is all over the place but it is fitting for how this book had me feeling. I swear I experiences every single emotion while reading.


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