February Wrap Up 2020

Hello everyone! February was a good reading month for me, even though I did hit a small slump the last week. I read a total of 11 books and only 1 of those was a reread. My ratings were as follows: 2 5-stars (1 was a reread), 6 4-stars, and 3 3-stars. Page-wise I read 3,443…another 3,000+ page reading month 😊 so let’s see what I read!

4/5 stars (novella #1)

4/5 stars (read in a single day)

5/5 stars

My review for this!

Shatter Me 3/5 stars

Destroy Me (included in this book) 4/5 stars (novella #2)

My review for this two!

4/5 stars

3/4 stars

3/5 stars (novella #3)

4/5 stars and I’ve finally finished this series!

4/5 stars and I love being back with Alex Cross

5/5 stars (my lone reread)


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