Get A Life, Chloe Brown review

My second 5 star read (not including rereads) of the year!! I absolutely loved this! I’m not a romance reader at all. I like books where romance is secondary and woven into the storyline where I know it’s there, but not taking over. Like little cute moments here and there just to remind me “oh yea they are a thing” or “oh hey they would be cute together”.

This here actually kind of did just that. Like I knew going in that it was an adult romance. However, the storyline flowed so well for me that I honestly felt like I was watching a movie. I felt what they felt. I even teared up at one point for no real reason lol

I saw myself in Chloe. I don’t think I have ever said I’ve seen myself in a character. I always say “that’s something I would do” or things of that nature. Never before has a character made me go “hey…that’s me.” Chloe Brown is me. The only part of her I can’t say is me is her illness, but other than that…yes. That’s probably why this book worked so well for me.

By know y’all should know I’m a character person. Chloe and her sisters remind me of my brothers and I. I wish I had a Red in my life. Gigi makes me miss my grandma. I just love them all.

Talia Hibbert really won me over with this book (if that wasn’t obvious lol) The way she wrote this, in my opinion, is like I was friends with them both, and watching them finally come together. Definitely a favorite for me and one I will always remember and cherish.


5 thoughts on “Get A Life, Chloe Brown review

  1. get a life chloe brown was definitely one the best books i read last year. i related so much to chloe, especially the chronic illness part although with a different chronic illness and with red on anxiety. i’m so happy you also loved it. this is book that made me talia hibbert stan

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  2. Ahh that’s so nice when you see yourself in characters 🥰 I love when that happens, even more when the characters feels very tangible and reals!

    I’m even more excited to wanna read this book, mice review!

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