The Crown’s Game review

Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you my review of the book The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. Boy do I have mixed feelings on this read here. Like I said previously, I almost DNFed this twice. I finished it and gave it a 3.5.

I usually can tell by like the 100-150 page mark what rating I’m giving a book (unless it’s a big book and I need more to go on). So I already knew I was giving this a 3 star rating. Like it was a solid 3. The ending it what gave it that little .5. Literally the last 100 pages is what causes my mixed feelings. Here is why:

  1. This is not a fantasy IN MY OPINION.
  2. I classify this as historical romance with a touch of magic.
  3. I was not connecting with anything except Pasha, who I later ended up hating and my attention was captured by Nikolai.
  4. The first 200+ pages seemed to drag on with not much really happening. Little reveals here and there, but not that drew me in.
  5. The ending made me want the throw the book at a wall. For a good and a bad reason. Good because it did it’s job of making me want to read the sequel to see what happens. Bad because it waited until the last third of the book for things to get good.
  6. Plus I thought there wasn’t much lead up to some of the things that happened.
  • I will be reading the sequel, but only because I have questions that I hope will be revealed. I actually ranted about the book for two days to my brother lol this book let me down in a way.
  • Have any of you read this? If so, how did you feel about it? If you haven’t, is it on your TBR? Maybe you will find that you enjoy way more than I did. I hope that’s case! Until next time, happy reading! 💚
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