Aurora Rising book review

I’m torn with this one everyone. Meet my first (I think) half star rating. I originally rated it 4 stars, but I kept thinking on that rating. I enjoyed the story and characters, however, it didn’t grip me. The ending didn’t really hit its mark with me either. So I finally came to the conclusion to drop my rating to 3.5. And no, I didn’t go thinking it was Illuminae (although they do use some of the voice actors which I loved).

I feel like this had a strong first half. I was invested in the plot and what all the characters were up to. The second half is where it lost me. I felt it dragged, and the part where I was supposed to feel something or be sad I just didn’t. I think it’s because the character it was happening to I didn’t connect with.

I love Kal!! I found myself loving all his chapters. Same with Tyler, Aurora, and Finian. Sarcastic, bad-ass, attitude, and dimples….how can you go wrong?? I know it seems like I didn’t really enjoy this book. However, I really did. Just fell flat at the end. It was a strong 4 until then. That being said, I’m excited for Aurora Burning to come out this year.


8 thoughts on “Aurora Rising book review

  1. I think your review and rating are probably going to be really accurate in regards to my own reading of this, which I plan to this year lol. I’ve heard mixed things on this, it definitely didn’t live up to the hype in a lot of ways, but, I appreciate your really honest review and look forward to reading it

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  2. I often find myself degrading books I have read. Especially books I have given 3 or 4 stars. When I give myself time to think about the book I slowly ” admit” to myself that I didn’t like them as much as I would like to. I just hate giving books a “bad” rating but I guess that is how it is. :))

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    1. To me 3 is still a good rating. I think of it as an “ok” book. Anything under a 3 is a bad rating and bad book. I tend to know my rating while I’m still reading so that also helps me as well

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