Jack of Thorns review

I have so many mixed feelings about this book. First, let’s look at the synopsis:

Can you change destiny? Laurence Riley has seen the future, and all his visions are coming true. Just as he can’t control the addiction that dominates his life, or the mind games of his stalker ex-boyfriend, he also struggles with his untamed supernatural gifts. Jack can help. His price is that Laurence keeps him fed with regular offerings of sex, but Laurence has fallen for someone way out of his league whose wild telekinesis keeps them even further apart, and his debt to Jack is piling up fast. When he foresees the spread of a narcotic nectar that will leave a trail of death across San Diego, Laurence must find the courage to determine whether his visions are set in stone. The past has taught him that the future can’t be changed, but if Jack’s poisons win, there won’t be any future. There’s no time to lose.

Then it actually goes on to say “Fans of Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo won’t want to miss what fans are calling Percy Jackson for adults.” Like what?? How? Yes I DNF it at 60% but even then the only mythology was the God Laurence prayed to since he is pagan.

Trigger warnings for drug addiction and attempted sexual assault. I’m not sure if there are anymore but these are ones that I came across.

This starts with a chapter from Laurence’s past and him actually overdosing. During that time he thinks he is hallucinating, but it’s actually visions of the future. The rest of the story picks up years(?) later with Laurence trying to fix his life by working with his mom at her flower shop but still battling his addiction. His ex Dan is a piece of work. Quentin is a sweet innocent angel and Jack is the total opposite.

This started out really interesting. Especially since it read like a slice of life contemporary with magical elements, something I do not like to read. I just kept wanting to see how Laurence and Quentin interacted with each other mostly. There was a major event that happened and I was so captivated by it. However, it happened in the middle of the book. It could have ended there or with a couple chapters of “event recovery” and then ended on a cliffhanger or something sweet to draw me in. It didn’t. It kept going and then started to feel like build up to another big event. I didn’t even get to the whole narcotics vision thing mentioned in the synopsis.

I’m tempted to go back and actually finish it to see if my feelings change by the end of it, but the author said they are working on book 7 of this series I believe and as much as I liked Laurence and Quentin (they pretty much were the only reasons I liked the book), I don’t think I care enough to continue on. Others might enjoy this but for me it just didn’t cut it.


8 thoughts on “Jack of Thorns review

  1. So this is book 1 and the author is currently writing book 7?! And even book 1 (in your opinion, as stated) wasn’t so hot?! Even from the synopsis it sounds like there is a LOT going on! It all sounds like really interesting stuff but I mean, if it isn’t handled well, I could see it being a hot mess really quickly.


    1. It really is a lot going on. I got 60% in and still didn’t even get to some of what the synopsis said. Hey others apparently like the series and I’m glad they do. It’s just not for me


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