Bookeymanathon #TeamHorde🧟‍♀️

Back again with another readathon TBR. This is one is called Bookeymanathon and it is hosted by BooksintheSkye and thebookishchick on Twitter. The Bookeyman is out to take all our books away!! In order to stop this, you join a team to defeat him and save the books. The teams are: Team Clan (Vampire), Team Pack (Werewolf), Team Horde (Zombie), Team Mash (Monster), and Team Coven (Witch). I have chosen Team Horde and my TBR is as follows:

Group book: Misery

Team book: Warm Bodies

Prompt 1: Romance is not dead- Read a book that has romance Of Fire and Stars

Prompt 2: Your eyes are rotting too quickly- listen to an audiobook OR read a book with a brown cover Splintered

Prompt 3: You need to communicate, but can’t talk, so you draw it out instead- Read a book with illustrations Fence vol 3

Memory Loss Challenge: Since your brain is rotting you have a hard time remembering what you are reading. Annotate while reading a book Clockwork Angel


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