The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury review

This is the second book in the The Walking Dead Novels series. I believe the first four follow the character Phillip Blake, otherwise known as the Governor from the comics and tv show. The first book, The Rise of the Governor, gave us a look at what the character was doing when the outbreak started, and how he got to the community of Woodbury. This book actually follows a different set of characters, and their journey living on the road during the outbreak before finding Woodbury. We follow Lily, Josh, Megan, and Bob mostly until we get to Woodbury and meet others from there. I can’t really give much of a synopsis since this is the sequel.

I gave the first book 3 stars because I felt it was just alright. The Governor’s backstory that they did in the show was my least favorite little bit during that season. The book however took it a little farther, but it still just barely held my attention. This second one I rated 4 stars. I was way more interested in these set of characters, especially Josh, and their whole storyline kept me intrigued. I did dock a star for some words I could have done without, and it did kind of get stale in some parts where we followed characters i didn’t care for, but overall I liked it. I do have the bind up of books 3&4 to finish up the Governor arc called The Fall of the Governor Parts 1&2. Definitely want to get to that one soon.


One thought on “The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury review

  1. I like should have known there were novel adaptations, and now I’m super excited because I’m too much of a scaredy-cat to watch the show, and the comics really aren’t for me and a little too pricey for my sad, sad wallet lol. Yay for The Govenor!! …I mean not yay, well, you know what I mean


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