Not Your Sidekick review

Not Your Sidekick by C. B. Lee

I had never heard of this book or series until I was placed on the Sidekick team for the Biblio Games. The Biblio Games is a month long readathon that is happening this month, and this was the group book that was selected for team Sidekick. I honestly did not think I would even get to it. Turns out it has LGBTQIA+ rep in it so it fit the two Pride month themed weeklong readathons I was attempting: Read Your Gays and Queer Lit. Note to self: weeklong readathons are NOT a thing I can handle. I need month long.

This story follows our main character Jessica Tran. She comes from a Chinese/Vietnamese family or superheroes which include both parent and her sister Claudia. The story starts out with Jessica, or Jess as she goes by in the story, trying to make her powers manifest. Once children hit a certain age without powers, it’s guaranteed not happen. She soon realizes this may just be her fate.

The other characters in Jess’ life are her younger brother Brendan, best friends Bells and Emma, and the love interest Abby. Brendan and Jess have to hide the fact that the worlds most famous heroes, Smasher and Shockwave, are their parents.

You learn early on that Jess has had a crush on Abby for years. It’s also mentioned that she actually let it slip that she is bisexual on accident one day at school. Jess ends up applying for a job since her powers won’t come in, and it just so happens that Abby works there too. M also works there, and I liked her character.

This book also has the superhero/villain aspect of it too which plays into the characters interactions with each other as well as outsiders. All in all, this was a fun a read for me, and I am definitely continuing on in the series.


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