Graphic novel series

I have really been in the graphic novel mood this month. Started the month reading Fence vol 1. I kept hearing so much about it so I decided to check it out. I promptly fell in love with it. This series is about a boy named Nicholas and his journey in fencing. The relationship between Seiji and Nicholas is typical competitive nature. Bobby and Harvard are my favorite so far, especially Bobby.

I also read The Backstagers vol 1. This is way too cute. Jory (our main character) is a precious angel. This series is a little more fantastical. Sasha, Hunter, Aziz, and Beckett round out the little group, and I love them all for different reasons due to their personalities.

I am currently almost done with Fence vol 2, and I also have vol 2 of the Backstagers loaded on Hoopla. I might try to make more progress in my other books that I’m reading before going back to graphic novels. Just so I can have something to break up the dense/long books I read.


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